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Pain Management for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

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GOLDBERG, M.E., SHAFFRAN, N. eds. Pain Management for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

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; Ames 2015, kt., 421 Seiten, Abb. This book guides readers through the important concepts of animal pain management, providing specific approaches to managing pain in a wide variety of veterinary conditions. Emphasizing the technician's role in advocating for the patient, the book equips technicians with the knowledge needed to manage pain in dogs, cats, horses, livestock, exotics, and zoo animals. Logically and comprehensively covering this difficult subject, the book provides both introductory material on the tenets of pain management and specific techniques to apply in the clinical setting. With information on recognizing and understanding pain, the physiology of pain, pharmacology, and analgesia in different settings, the book outlines how to practice good pain management as an integral part of nursing care. In this book you will find both basic and advanced information, allowing students, practicing veterinary technicians and nurses, and veterinary staff alike to take a more active role in pain management and develop a more thorough understanding of this complex subject

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