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Python regius — Atlas of Colour Morphs

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BROGHAMMER, S. Python regius — Atlas of Colour Morphs

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second enlarged edition 2018, hardcover, 440 pages, more than 1200 colour pictures. The first edition of the Ball Python Atlas has already been celebrated by fans of this giant snake as the ultimate book on the subject. Since then, there has been a lot of development in breeding, which is why expert Stefan Broghammer presents an updated and vastly expanded new edition. In this new edition he explains in a readily understandable and practical way, all prerequisites that must be taken into account for the successful husbandry and offspring of the Python regius. Additionally, Broghammer describes and shows with fantastic photos the incredible abundance of colour and drawing forms, including, of course, many spectacular morphs, which have been newly bred since the first edition was published. Preorders possible to a subscription price of 68€ (valid until publication) and subsequently for 78 €.

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