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Sea and Land Shells of the Don Pisor Collection - Color Form Shape

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PISOR, D. Sea and Land Shells of the Don Pisor Collection - Color Form Shape

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Harxheim 2015, geb., Großformat, geb., 700 Seiten, rund 5000 Abb. “Don Pisor started his career as shell collector more than 45 years ago. Born and educated at the U.S. Pacific Coast, his engineering job eventually brought him to Florida where he started diving and collecting in the Florida Keys. Later he moved back to California and succeeded with collecting in the vicinity of San Diego, completing his collection of American sea shells. Being a real globetrotter, his numerous collecting trips brought him to all the remote parts of the world shell collectors ever dreamed about, leading to an exceptional collection of worldwide mollusks. Sea and Land Shells of the Don Pisor Collection contains almost 5000 figures of mollusks, including 409 world record size shells. The focus is on color, form and shape of the most beloved mollusk families. Abalones, slit shells, cowries, strombs, muricids, whelks, volutes, cones, pectens and spiny oysters - to only name some of them - are figured in their whole variability with extraordinary specimens never seen before. The book also includes sections on mollusk artwork and terrestrial gastropods. In many instances the species, genera or even families illustrated have not been seen in other books prior to this work, making this an excellent companion to the Encyclopedia of Marine Gastropods. The volume will be valued by both the casual and serious collector of shells, biologists and anyone amazed by the beauty of nature”

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