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Chimaira, your antiquarian from Frankfurt a.M.

Unser Katalog 2019 - 2020 ist verfügbar.

Katalog 2019 - 2020(ca. 68 MB)

Der Download der Datei kann je nach Internetverbindung einige Minuten in Anspruch nehmen.

Wenn Sie die Print-Version unseres Kataloges oder der Separata-Sammlung von Harold Fox kostenfrei per Post erhalten möchten, schicken Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail mit Ihrer Adresse oder nutzen Sie unser Kontaktformular.

A click on the "Herpetology" button leads you to our well-sorted offer of books & media dealing with any aspect of Amphibians & Reptiles. The Aquaristics sector combines books, videos and other media on fish (both fresh-water and marine) invertebrate animals and plants from the rivers, lakes and oceans of our planet. The empire of the Invertebrates comprises - next to insects - cancers, spiders, molluscs (i.e. terrestric snails) and comparable animals. As far as Small mammals are concerned, we offer books featuring Guinea pigs, mice and hamsters, but dwarf marsupialians, insectivores and even pot-bellied pigs as well... Handbooks for tourists, field guides and dictionaries may be found in the Touristics category.

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