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Amphibians of the Russian Far East

KUZMIN, S. ed. Amphibians of the Russian Far East

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Advances in Amphibian Research, vol.8., Sofia 2003, kt., 462 Seiten. A fundamental review of the 11 species of amphibians (2 Caudata and 9 Anura) of the Russian Far East, within Primorye and Khabarovskii regions, Amurskaya, Chitinskaya, Magadanskaya, Kamchatskaya and Sakhalinskaya provinces, Evreiskaya Autonomous Province, as well as Aginskii Buryatskii, Chukotskii and Koryakskii autonomous regions. All species and their habitats are illustrated in color and supplied with maps of records for each region, with full cadastra. Each species supplied with full list of synonyms and a detailed description of the morphology, geography, habitats, abundance, activity cycles, reproduction, ontogenesis, feeding, natural enemies and parasites, the influence of anthropogenic factors and problems of conservation. A detailed history of amphibian studies, including the description of traditional views of aboriginal people, is presented. Keys are given to eggs, the larvae and the adults of all amphibian species. Composition and history of the amphibian fauna, including the discussion on possible pathways of colonization of Pacific islands, are discussed. Full bibliography includes 841 references.

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KUZMIN, S. ed.