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Antpittas and Gnateaters

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GREENEY, H.: Antpittas and Gnateaters

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London 2018, geb., Großformat, 496 Seiten, 250 Farbfotos, 24 Farbtafeln mit über 200 Zeichnungen von David Beadle . Verbreitungskarten. Elusive jewels of the Neotropical undergrowth, antpittas are among the most sought-after of all bird groups. These forest birds specialise in following their primary food source – invertebrates stirred up by columns of ants – and they often keep close to the ground as a result. More likely to be heard than seen, antpittas are relatively poorly studied by ornithologists due to their habitat, behaviour and, in many cases, their rarity. This authoritative handbook is the first dedicated solely to the world's antpittas, the family Grallariidae. It also includes the gnateaters (Conopophagidae), a small family of 11 species that, like antpittas, are also native to Central and South America. Antpittas and Gnateaters discusses the identification and habits of these birds, bringing together the very latest research with accurate range maps, more than 250 colour photographs, and 24 superb plates that illustrate age and racial plumage differences.

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