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Cassidae –  An Amazing Family of Seashells

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VERBINNEN, G., SEGERS, L., SWINNEN, F., KREIPL, K., MONSECOUR, D.: Cassidae – An Amazing Family of Seashells

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Harxheim 2016, geb., Großformat, 251 Seiten, 131 Farbtafeln, viele Textabb. After studying more than 5000 shells belonging to the family Cassidae, we tried to judge objectively, avoiding both splitting and lumping and thus only presenting our survey’s finds. So, according to this study, 98 species are recognised, divided among the Genus Cassis Scopoli, 1777, Subgenus Cassis s.str. Scopoli, 1777, Subgenus Hypocassis Iredale, 1927, Genus Cypraecassis Stutchbury, 1837, Subgenus Cypraecassis s.str. Stutchbury, 1837, Subgenus Levenia Gray, 1847, Genus Galeodea Link, 1807, Genus Sconsia Gray, 1847, Genus Microsconsia Beu, 2008, Genus Oocorys P. Fischer, 1883, Genus Dalium Dall, 1889, Genus Eucorys Beu, 2008, Genus Phalium Link, 1807, Genus Casmaria H. & A. Adams, 1853, Genus Echinophoria Sacco, 1890, Genus Semicassis Mörch, 1852, Subgenus Semicassis s.str. Mörch, 1852, and Subgenus Antephalium Iredale, 1927. Since the past few decades DNA surveys have revolutionised nearly all areas of biological research, including malacology. However, we deem it necessary to state that this book is strictly conchological and that it was compiled for the use of those who wish to acquire an elementary acquaintance with the subject, as well as for authors and others who (eager to extend their knowledge and to pursue their researches) require a book of reference containing a general outline of what has been done by those who have trodden the same path before.

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