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Fishes of Afghanistan

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COAD, B.W.: Fishes of Afghanistan

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Sofia 2014, kt., 393 Seiten, 27 Farbabb., über 100 SW-Abb. This work provides a guide and general overview to the fish fauna of Afghanistan, comprising 85 species in 10 families. The book has an Introduction covering materials and methods, a description of the environment, a history of research, explanations of scientific names, fish structures and identification methods, and how to collect and preserve fishes. Other sections deal with Fisheries, Conservation, Identification Keys, Exotic and Translocated Species, Checklists, an analysis of Biodiversity, and a Bibliography. The bulk of the text is the Species Accounts each of which has an illustration, an explanation of common and scientific names, key characters, morphology, distribution, biology and importance. The fauna is a mix of Palaearctic species such as sturgeons and a trout and Oriental species such as snakeheads and a spiny eel. The majority of Afghan fish, 67 species, are Cypriniformes of which 49 are Cyprinidae and 17 are Nemacheilidae (with one species in Cobitidae). The Siluriformes (Sisoridae, Siluridae, Bagridae) comprise the next largest group with 11 species. Ostariophysi therefore comprise over 91% of the ichthyofauna. The other 4 families have 1-3 species each.

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