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Band 51

Zoology in the Middle East Band 51

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u. A. HOSSEINI-ZAVAREI, Bovids Central Iran, EASON, Crex crex stop-over sites, YAMAC, Aegypius monachus in Turkey, ABDUL-RAHMAN, Phrynocephalus arabicus in Kiwait, AHMADZADEH, Cyrtopodion caspium in Northern Iran, AL-MUKHAINI, Embryonic staging Chelonia mydas, NAJAFIMAJD, Neurergus microspilotus, Patimar, Garra rufa, AHMED, New Cicadatra Iran, EKIZ, Variation Cryptocephalus, LILLIG, New Phaleria from Dhofar, MOUSATAT, Dragon Flies northern Syria, ABDOLI, Mudskipper Persian gulf.

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Zoology in the Middle East