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Cacti & Succulents of Baja California

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PILBEAM, J.: Cacti & Succulents of Baja California

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Hornchurch 2015, geb., Großformat, SU, 233 Seiten, 437 Farbfotos. This book is an account of the discovery by the author and friends over the past 34 years of the wonderful wealth of cacti and succulents which occur in Baja California, Mexico. This peninsula is home to a plethora of cacti and succulents, many endemic. They number some 30 Mammillaria, 16 Ferocactus, 13 Echinocereus, several columnar cacti, 13 Opuntia, 3 Corynopuntia, 30 Cylindropuntia, 2 Peniocereus, and 24 Agave, 27 Dudleya, as well as Asclepias, Bursera, Cistanthe, Euphorbia, Fouquieria (including Idria), Hesperoyucca, lbervillea, Jatropha, Nolina, Pachycormus, Sedum and Yucca. With 233 pages and 437 pictures, it is an inspirational account of one of the few remaining, largely primitive, unspoilt wild places where nature still holds sway.      

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