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Cuckoos of the World

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ERRITZØE, J, MANN, C.F., BRAMMER, F.P.: Cuckoos of the World

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London 2012, geb., SU, Großformat, 544 Seiten, 36 Farbtafeln mit über 300 Farbzeichungen und über 200 Farbfotos im Text. Cuckoos of the World describes all 144 species of the Cuculidae in exceptional detail, with accurate range maps and superb illustrations by four world-renowned artists to show different plumages and subspecies. Despite many species being difficult to see well – often their presence is only revealed by vocalisations – photographs, many of a very high standard, of almost all species are also included, further aiding identification. The Common Cuckoo has long been of fascination, with its breeding strategy of laying eggs surreptitiously in the nests of other birds, leaving these unwitting hosts to go through the hard work of chick-rearing at the expense of their own young, and as a harbinger of spring in its breeding areas. However, this familiar bird belongs to a well – defined and widespread family that contains not only cuckoos but malkohas, couas, coucals, roadrunners and others, some of which are colourful, and all of which are elegant. Many are not brood-parasites, but instead make nests and raise their own young; some are migrants like the common cuckoo, but a number are not; and as well as traditional pair-bonds there is polyandry, polygyny and group-nesting.

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