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Distribution and Status of Freshwater Turtles of Sindh, Pakistan

FATIMA, F.: Distribution and Status of Freshwater Turtles of Sindh, Pakistan

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Saarbrücken 2015, kt., 92 Seiten, Abb. There are 2 families, 6 genera and 8 species of freshwater turtles found in Pakistan. Freshwater turtles have served as an important food resource in tropical and subtropical of many Asian countries. Under the present study, distribution and status of freshwater turtles was conducted in Thatta, Badin, Sanghar Districts and Sukkur Barrage areas of Sindh, Pakistan. Eight species i.e. Lissemys punctata, Kachuga smithi, Kachuga tecta, Chitra indica, Aspideretes gangeticus, Aspideretes hurum, Hardella thurjii and Geoclemys hamiltonii were recorded. On the basis of three years present study, it is concluded that one species of freshwater turtle Geoclemys hamiltonii (Spotted Pond Turtle) was recorded as rare in Badin, Sanghar districts and Sukkur Barrage areas, while other species as abundant, common and less common. Due to habitat destruction, eutrophication and other anthropogenic activities, the population of freshwater turtles is on the decrease.     

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