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DVD The Venom Interviews – The Work and Science of Venomous Herpetology

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MORGAN, R. ed.: DVD The Venom Interviews – The Work and Science of Venomous Herpetology

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USA 2016. “This DVD is a 4½-hour crash course in the professions and professionals whose daily work revolves around some of the world’s most interesting and misunderstood reptiles. Some of the most respected names in the field discuss how their childhood fascination with reptiles developed into their unique careers in herpetology, toxinology, venom research, emergency medicine and more, and they offer wise advice to anyone wanting to work in the field. The Venom Interviews project was launched in response to the media’s fictionalized depictions of venomous reptiles and the people who work with them. The goal of the film is to present the work and science of venomous herpetology as it actually is, without exaggeration or sensationalism”. Interviewt werden D. Abreu, C. Barden, B. Becker, R. Berry, L. Boyer, E. Briggs, A. Coritz, S. Douglas, D. Ferri, J. Fobb, B. Fry, R. Funk, J. Harrison, W. Hayes, J. Hensleee, D. Keyler, S. Knight, B. Loystz, D. Mader, P. Mimikos, B. Peebles, C. Person, K. Peterson, T. Philip, Ripa, D., E. Sanchez, J. Schwartz, S. Seifert, M. Seward, R. Spekner, G. Van Horn, L. Van Sertima, A. Wyatt.

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