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Indian poisonous snakes - an ecological and clinical Study

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SHARMA, B.D. ed. Indian poisonous snakes - an ecological and clinical Study

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New Delhi, 2002. xiii, 341 Seiten, mehrere Abb. Inhalt B D. Sharma, Special Adaptations of Snakes, K.S. Sharma, Scientific Handling of Snakes, B.D., Fauna of Indian Snakes A Checklist, Sharma, D.D. Scientific and Vernacular Names of Some Common Indian Snakes , Murthy, T.S.N. Fauna of Indian Snakes and Their Conservation An overview, Sharma, D.D., Some Aspects of Venomous Indian Snakes, R. Mathew, Venomous Snakes of North-East India, W. Wuster, The Cobras of Genus Naja in India, W. Wuster, The Genus Daboia Russell's Viper, B.D.Sharma & N.E. Vad Ecology of Saw-scaled Viper, Echis carinatus (Schn.), S. S. Jadhav & S. V.Kapre, Antivenin Production in India, Sherman A. Minton, Method of Snakebite, B.B. Goitonde & M.D. Banda, Epidemiology of Snakebite in India, B.B. Gaitonde, Treatment of Snakebite and Envenomation, R.S. Kulkarni, Study of 1140 Cases of Poisonous Snakebite Envenomation in a Rural Hospital of South Konkan Coast of Maharashtra over a Period of Eight Years (1986 to 1993), Romulus Whitaker & H. Andrew, The Irula Venom Centre-India, Appendix A Directory of Resource Persons - 317 Institutions in India and Abroad Contributed to the Study of Poisonous Snakes in General with, Special Reference to the Asiatic Species.

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SHARMA, B.D. ed.