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Jewel Beetles of Taiwan, Vol. 1

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TAKAHARU HATTORI, UITSIANN ONG: Jewel Beetles of Taiwan, Vol. 1

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2019, geb., Großformat, 264 Seiten, über 400 Farbfotos. Jewel beetles are famous for their iridescent colours. The taxonomy is under the family of Buprestidae (Coleoptera) which comprises about 15,000 species around the world. Taiwan locates at the boundary of the western Pacific Ring of Fire. From sea coast to mountains which are nearly 4000 meters high, the drastic landscape allows tropical and subtropical vegetation to spread on this island. A rich variety of flora nourishes a diversity of the native buprestid beetles. The fauna of Taiwanese buprestid beetles includes mainly the endemic species and other species that are deeply related to Japan, China, Indochina, and Philippine islands. This is the first book that systematically presents the Buprestidae in Taiwan with high-quality photos. The first volume of this book series includes 22 genera and 105 species with the images of genital apparatus of each. Let’s join us in discovering the beautiful creatures on this island. This book is written by Taiwanese beetle-collecting hobbyist Uitsiann Ong and Japanese jewel beetle specialist, Takaharu Hattori

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