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Lizards of the World. A Guide to every Family

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O'SHEA, M.: Lizards of the World. A Guide to every Family

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London September 2020, geb., 240 Seiten, sehr viele Farbfotos. A lavishly illustrated overview of the world’s lizards, As survivors from the time of the dinosaurs, lizards are scaly and cold-blooded―relics from a prehistoric world that remain alive and well today. Lizards exert a morbid fascination, and in many mythologies they are dark creatures, symbolizing death and misfortune. From chameleons and skinks to geckos and iguanas, Lizards of the World brings these creatures firmly into the light, to reveal their extraordinary diversity. With close to 6,500 species around the world, lizards can be found in almost every type of terrain and their physical features vary tremendously. In this book, more than 350 stunning color photographs illustrate species found in 80+ lizard families and subfamilies. Each detailed profile includes a population distribution map, table of essential information, and fascinating commentary revealing notable characteristics and related species. Lizards of the World is a magnificent showcase of the natural history and beauty of these remarkable reptiles. More than 350 detailed photographic images.

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