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Manas – India’s threatened World Heritage

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CHOUDHURY, A. Manas – India’s threatened World Heritage

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Guwahati 2019, geb., SU, 202 Seiten, viele gute Farbfotos. This book is a comprehensive document on Manas national park, a famous wildlife reserve of India. A project Tiger reserve, a Biosphere reserve, an Elephant Reserve and also a World Heritage Site, this scenic wilderness is known as the home of a large number of threatened species ranging from pygmy hog, golden langur, Indian one-horned rhinoceros, Wild water buffalo, Asian elephant and tiger to Bengal Florican and Manipur Bush Quail. This is the first time that Manas has been treated in such detail in book form. Its history, flora, fauna and conservation status has been discussed in details supported by photographs. All the threatened bird and mammal species known from the area have been listed as appendices followed by a bibliography and index. This work is largely based upon first-hand field experience and is an attractive and portable guide-cum-reference to meet the requirements of all those with an interest to know and visit Manas.          

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