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The Asiatic Parrot Breeder's Handbook

ROBSON, P. The Asiatic Parrot Breeder's Handbook

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Burleigh, kt., 79 Seiten, Farbfotos. Arten und Kapitel Alexandrine Parrot, Plum-headed Parrot, Slatey-headed Parrot, Blossom-headed Parrot, Moustached Parrot, Indian Ringneck Parrot, Malabar Parrot, Derbyan Parrot, Malayan Long-tailed Parrot, Starting Out, Housing, Aquiring, Quarantine, Sexing, Accessories, Nets, Brooders, Carrying Boxes, Crop Needles, Feeders and waterers, Feeding and Diet, Seed Mixture, Fruits and Vegetables, Weeds, Protein, Calcium and Grit, Water, Soaked and Sprouted Seed, Health Problems and Diseases, Breeding, Nesting boxes/material, Courtship and Display, Laying/Eggs, Hatching and Development, Leg Rings, Handraising, Troubleshooting during the Breeding Season.

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