Bats of Trinidad and Tobago – A Field Guide and Natural History

Bats of Trinidad and Tobago – A Field Guide and Natural History
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2015, kt., 286 Seiten, Farb.- u. SW-Abb. This book serves as a comprehensive natural
history and field guide to all bat species recorded in Trinidad and Tobago. It
includes an introduction to bat biology, i.e. bat physiology and ecological
habitats, species distribution, population status, dietary ecology, species
reproduction biology, and echolocation behaviour where known. Insight into
Amerindian bat mythologies, local folklore as it relates to bats, and the
exuberance of the Carnival Bat are also explored. The ways in which Trinidadian
bats are helping to advance knowledge in the biomedical fields of cardiology,
neurology, and human female reproductive issues are revealed. The secret
primordial relationships that exist between trees and bats are brought to
light, including all indigenous, exotic and naturalised tree species known to
benefit from seed-dispersal or pollination services provided by bats in the
forests of Trinidad and Tobago. Practical guidance is provided on the humane
eviction and exclusion of bats from dwellings and public buildings. Bats of
Trinidad and Tobago is a wide-ranging, lavishly illustrated publication with
full colour photos and art throughout

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Autor GOMES, G.A. REID, F.A.
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