Sociality in Bats

ORTEGA, J. ed.
Sociality in Bats
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Berlin 2016, geb., vi 301 Seiten. 17 Farbabb. This
book provides new insights into the social behaviour of bats – one of the most
fascinating topics currently being pursued by researchers. After an
introduction reviewing the history of research in bat behavioural ecology, it
covers three major themes: bat sociality per se (Part I), bat communication
(Part II), and ecological aspects (Part III). Part I offers a concise overview
of the social organization and systems of bats, introducing readers to the
complexity and dynamics of group structures. Part II is devoted to the
innovative field of social communication, focusing on bat songs, dialects and
calls. Part III discusses the influence of the environment on bat behaviour,
particularly with regard to roosting and foraging. This book addresses the
needs of researchers working in behavioural sciences, evolution and ecology

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