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 Snakes of Malawi

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WILKEY, R. Snakes of Malawi

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Crimplesham 2018, kt., 330 Seiten, 151 Farbfotos, 134 Zeichnungen, 66 Karten. It has taken over 40 years of field research to complete this book and it is the most up-to-date snake guide on the country's snakes in more than half a century. Colour photographs and head scale drawings together accurately with the text describe all of the 65 recorded species found in the country. Malawi has quite a selection of species for such a small land area, but out of the 65 only 12 have the potential to kill a human. That means that over 80% of all recorded species are non-fatal to humans. In fact 43% are completely harmless and carry no venom at all. This guide will provide easy and fast identification of all species, together with bite symptoms and treatment.          

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