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The genus Triturus – History · Biology · Systematics · Captive Breeding

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FAHRBACH, M., GERLACH, U.: The genus Triturus – History · Biology · Systematics · Captive Breeding

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Frankfurt 2018, 550 pages, more than 800 colour photos. Preface by Wolf-Rüdiger Große. With a chapter on the history of the research on Crested and Marbled Newts by Josef F. Schmidtler, a chapter on skin toxins by Dietrich Mebs and a chapter on diseases and captive management by Frank Pasmans and An Martel. Currently the genus Triturus comprises the group of Crested Newts (Triturus anatolicus, Triturus carnifex, Triturus cristatus, Triturus dobrogicus, Triturus ivanbureschi, Triturus karelinii, Triturus macedonicus)as well as the Marbled Newts (Triturus marmoratus and Triturus pygmaeus). This monographs includes detailed information on the natural habitats of all species and their biology. Captive breeding is shown in differents variants using a large number of photographs. Keeping newts in outdoor enclosures is especially emphasized.

Frankfurt Contributions to Natural History Vol. 69

ISBN 978-3-89973-527-7


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