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SCHWANDT, H.-J.: The Gila Monster – Heloderma suspectum. Natural History Captive Husbandry & Propagation

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Frankfurt am Main 14. September 2019, hardcover, 273 pages, 372 colour photos, several maps, graphs and drawings, one colour drawing by Claudia Hahn. This book summarizes the current state of knowledge of Heloderma suspectum by analyzing the scientific literature and uniting breeding results of international breeders with the author's own experiences and observations to form a preliminary picture of this lizard species. In addition to the chapters on biology, in which the habitat, its flora and climatic conditions are presented, as well as anatomy, the book provides detailed instructions on the captive husbandry, reproduction, diseases and finally the rearing of juveniles.The book is rounded off by a chapter authored by paleoherpetologist Krister T. Smith of the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt as well as an extensive contribution by the American lizard specialist Aaron M. Bauer (Villanova University) for research and iconography of the genus Heloderma until 1900. The preface by Karl H. Switak shows that Jochen Schwandt has acquired much of his knowledge about reptiles in natural habitats during his many trips in which he was accompanied by American friends.Not least due to the lively contacts he has maintained in the USA for decades, it has been possible to gather valuable information and photo documents in the last 12 months before the book was completed.

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