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The More Complete Boa Constrictor

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RUSSO, V.: The More Complete Boa Constrictor

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erweiterte Auflage Rodeo 2019, geb., SU., 432 Seiten, viele Farbfotos. This book is an expanded and updated look at Common Boas, True Red-tailed Boas, and other rare and endangered Boa Species and subspecies. These snakes are not only fascinating for herpetologists and conservationists who study them in nature but they have also held the spot of the most commonly kept reptile pet for more than four decades. Author Vin Russo's lifetime of experience with these snakes, both in nature and captivity, make this book a deep & detailed look into the lives of boas. This book includes a Photo Gallery of breath-taking boas from collections around the world and their inspiring pattern and colour anomalies.

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