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The Nepenthaceae of the Netherlands Indies

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DANSER, B.H. The Nepenthaceae of the Netherlands Indies

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Kota Kinabalu 2006, VI/206 Seiten, 36 zum Teil mehrbildrige Abb. im Text. At last, the long-awaited reprint of B.H. Danser's seminal treatment of the Malesian Nepenthaceae is here! First published in 1928 in the Bulletin de Jardin de Botanique, Buitenzorg, this vital work has been inaccessible to many enthusiasts of the genus due to the rarity of the original volume. Danser recognised 65 species of Nepenthes, all described in exhaustive detail, with several taxa that were first described by him illustrated with beautiful line drawings. The discovery and description of Nepenthes species from Borneo and Sumatra in the early years of the 20th century was rapid and not always rigorously documented. By the mid-1920s, there was considerable confusion among taxonomists about various species, natural hybrids and nomenclatural anomalies. In his revision, Danser rectified most of these and provided the taxonomic foundation for the genus that has been used by all subsequent workers. Indeed, all of the important recent monographs on the genus, such as those by Phillipps & Lamb, Clarke and Jebb & Cheek, owe much to Danser's work and readers of these books often find it useful to refer to Danser for clarification of various taxonomic matters. Accordingly, this reprint is an indispensable companion to those volumes and a vital component of the library of any enthusiast of Nepenthes. With an introduction by Charles Clarke, information on the major taxonomic changes and additions that have taken place since 1928 brings the reader up to date and makes Danser's work both accessible and compatible with recent treatments.

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