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Biology of Turtles

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WYNEKEN, J., GODFREY, M.H., BELS, V. Biology of Turtles

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2007, geb., 360 Seiten, Inhalt Form and Function of Pattern of Skeletal Growth in Turtles. Biomechanical Properties of Turtle and Tortoise Bones and Bone Form. Evolution of Locomotion in Aquatic Turtles. Shoulder Girdle and Humerus Shape in Relation to Environment in Extant Turtles. Muscles and Motor Patterns in the Locomotion of Turtles. Evolution of Feeding in Testudines. Environmental Sex Determination. The Ecology and Evolution of Propagule Size in Turtles. Structural Diversity of Turtle Reproductive Systems and The Evolution of Reproductive Strategies. Interplay between Variation in Turtle Morphology and Population Dynamics. Development and Evolution of the Chelonian Body Plan. Old Models, New Data. The Interrelationships of Turtles and Their Phylogenetic Position. Phylogeny of Turtles as seen in Patterns of Skull Diversity. Evolution and Diversity of the Turtle Shell. The Structure and Function of the Turtle Brain. Adaptations for Resistance to Anoxia. Cardiopulmonary Systems of Turtles. Implications to Behavior and Ecology.

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