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Vol. 26 Aquatic Exhibits

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London 1987, Gln, SU, 582 Seiten, Gln., SU Abb. More than half of the world's vertebrates live wholly or largely in an aquatic environment and all the classes of animals commonly found in zoos include aquatic species. Whether vertebrate or invertebrate, forms are found which are beautiful, grotesque, graceful, frightening, fascinating, amusing or unusually intelligent. Seals and sealions, otters, penguins and puffins spring to mind as the zoo-going public's delight but to these can be added an extraordinary variety of fishes, from sharks to tetras, and a host of strange and intriguing invertebrates. The 29 papers in this section amply illustrate the exciting and instructive approaches that can be made to the aquatic world, ranging from the multi-million dollar deep-sea aquarium to the simple but effective educational display that can be duplicated by the zoo's own work force in a conventional aquarium tank. Beginning with a fascinating review of work with living corals the section describes a number of beautiful simulated coral reefs, and continues with tidepools and pelagic environments which house algae and invertebrates as well as fishes. The jungle waterways of the Amazon are represented by an impressive exhibit in Vancouver, while an equally impressive facility at San Diego recreates the contrasting environment of the Antarctic penguin using tonnes of real snow. The various displays designed for penguins show how much can be done to improve the housing and effective exhibition of this popular group of birds, while the move to provide habitat displays for other seabirds is welcome. Exhibits for Polar bears, otters and pinnipeds cater for the mammals. The several papers on the care of particular species include an affectionate description of the difficult but endearing octopuses and practical advice on breeding, amongst others, the strange foureyed fish, the Wolf-eel, Arafura file snake, Emperor penguin and European otter. The great wealth of information included in this section reflects not only the enthusiasm and dedication of all those who work with aquatic species but also how important for our appreciation of the land is an understanding and respect of the seas and rivers.

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