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Pocket Guide Wild Flowers of South Africa

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VAN WYK, B.: Pocket Guide Wild Flowers of South Africa

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Cape Town 2007, kt., 508 Seiten, 1150 Arten werden mit Farbfotos, Karte und Beschreibung vorgestellt. The southwestern Cape is home to one of the world’s richest floras. From an estimated 7 000 species of true fynbos, This book covers 1 150 species of this flora. It focuses on the most common and conspicuous wild flowers, with an emphasis on those species with showy, or at least evident, flowers that are most likely to be encountered. Each species described is accompanied by its common names, a vivid photograph, distribution map, comparisons with similar species where applicable, and notes on traditional uses. For the first time, non-botanists have a real chance of accurately identifying a significant proportion of the bewildering diversity of fynbos species, making this an indispensable guide.

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