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A Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Iran

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KAMALI, K.: A Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Iran

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Frankfurt Winter 2020, geb., 574 Seiten, 550 Farbfotos und 283 Verbreitungskarten. Deutlich erweiterte, aktualisierte und ergänzend illustrierte engl. Ausgabe der erfolgreichen Ausgabe in Farsi. Mit einem Vorwort von Steven C. Anderson

"Zoological taxonomy and identification is always a moving target, especially now in Iran as more and more Iranian scholars are studying herpetology. At the international level, reviews of entire genera have begun, incorporating molecular techniques to determine evolutionary relationships and phylogeography. Kamran Kamali has taken on the immense task of preparing this field guide to the amphibians and reptiles of Iran. This is the first comprehensive guide to this fauna in any Western language and far more than a translation of the original Persian (2015); recently described taxa and additional photos have been added by the author under the auspices of his publisher AmirHossein Bakhtiyari (IranShenasi). There have been research books and papers devoted individually to the amphibians, the turtles, the lizards, and the snakes of Iran, and all are now out of date; few of these publications serve as actual field guides. This volume is far more than a field guide, however, as it serves as a popular synopsis for the reptiles and amphibians of Iran and a summary of research by many authors over several decades. With the increasing interest in the natural history of Iran, this book should be of great service not only to visitors to Iran, but to naturalists interested in herpetology globally. Many species of all taxa are threatened by habitat destruction, population growth, climate change, pollution, and outright destruction. Amphibians and reptiles are among the least respected animals, but with knowledge comes understanding and concern, and this book should be a stimulus to such respect. This book will set the standard for future work on this fauna."

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Frankfurter Beiträge zur Naturkunde Bd. 86

ISBN 978-3-89973-119-4

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