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Begonias of Peninsular Malaysia

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KIEW, R.: Begonias of Peninsular Malaysia

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Kota Kinabalu 2005, geb., SU., 308 Seiten,  über 300 Farbfotos und mehrere, sehr schöne, Farbzeichnungen. First and foremost, Begonias of Peninsular Malaysia is written to interest the naturalist and gardener in the wealth of wild begonias that grow in rain forests but without sacrificing scientific accuracy. The profusion of photographs, watercolour paintings and botanical drawings, and the minimum use of technical jargon intend to make Begonias of Peninsular Malaysia accessible to all. On the other hand, botanical rigour is maintained by provision of a key for identification, complete nomenclature and descriptions, and specimen lists. Begonias of Peninsular Malaysia is comprehensive including all the 52 native species as well as two garden escapes. Twelve new species and one variety are described here for the first time.

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