Amphibians of China Volume 1

Amphibians of China Volume 1
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2017, geb., Großformat, 1060 Seiten, 706 Farbfotos, 169 SW-Abb. 4,4 kg. Amphibians of China describes each amphibian with its alternate name, its main characteristics, biological data, population status, and geographic distribution. Each entry is accompanied by plenty of figures and coloured pictures of the amphibian and its geographic distribution map. These illustrate China's amphibian species diversity and the latest research findings. It is the most comprehensive summary of China's amphibians. The text and picture combination aids species identification and comparison, and is valuable for the in-depth study of their phylogeny. Its detailed, comprehensive and illustrative descriptions help to identify amphibian species, and have important academic significance for further surveys and research on amphibian numbers, animal protection and the development of protective measures as well as quarantine in customs. It provides important information for research units concerned with amphibians both in China, and the rest of the world, and also for animal protection and law enforcement agencies. The monograph is divided into two volumes. Volume 1 contains the introduction and chapters on the Gymnophiona, the Urodela and Anura (including Bombinatoridae, Megophryidae, Bufonidae and Hylidae) totalling more than 200 species and subspecies. Volume 2 includes the Ranidae, Discoglossidae, Occidozygidae, Rhacophoridae, Microhylidae and 4 introduced species, totalling about 221 species.

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