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Emerald Monitors The Varanus prasinus Group

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EIDENMÜLLER, B. Emerald Monitors The Varanus prasinus Group

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94 pages, 116 colour and 2 black-and-white photos, 2 maps and 1 table.

In recent years monitor lizards have become ever more popular as terrarium animals. The reasons for this development include the increasing availability of useful information on their proper husbandry on the one hand and the widening range of advanced technological equipment that makes keeping them much easier and more reliable on the other. Availability of food animals has also expanded to such a degree that no keeper should have any problems in supplying their lizards with a varied and healthy diet. Dietary deficiency syndromes should therefore be a thing of the past. With captive bred monitors being more freely available today, obtaining healthy founder stock has become much easier. All these factors added up have made it possible that a keeper interested in keeping a certain monitor lizard species will in most instances find what he is looking for sooner or later. With their small adult size, monitor lizards of the subgenus Euprepiosaurus are particularly recommendable as terrarium animals, as they are more easily kept in sizeable enclosures in captivity. All species of the Emerald Monitor group are impressive, yet comparatively small lizards that can be kept in fairly normal indoor terraria. With their interesting appearance, their attractive colour patterns and their particular demands as to their terrarium, this group takes a special place amongst the representatives of the subgenus Euprepiosaurus.  

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 ISBN 978-3-89973-051-7

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