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Mediterranean Tortoises – Where and how they live in the wild

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WEGEHAUPT, W. Mediterranean Tortoises – Where and how they live in the wild

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Kressbronn 2019, kt., 121 Seiten, viele Farbfotos. Keeping wild animals according to their biological needs must be modelled after nature. The respective models exist only in truly original habitats with their microclimates marked by islands of warmth within original maquis and not in areas altered by man. It is exclusively here where the little-adaptable tortoises can live out their ways of life and develop natural population dynamics to the extent imprinted on them during their 230,000,000 years of evolutionary history. This book provides unique insights into the natural habitats and the ecology of European tortoises. Only if their keeper knows how tortoises live in the wild can these animals be cared for in a manner that will come close to a natural situation. I am certain that you will find many details you were not previously aware of, that these will help you understand behavioural expression of the tortoises in your care, and that you will view them from a new perspective. The comprehensive book is structured in the chapters Preface – Introduction – General considerations – The Species of Tortoises – Distribution – Secondary Habitats – Maquis – Garrigue – Diet – Islands of Warmth – Microclimate – Home Ranges – Roaming Ranges – Retreats – Population Densities – Spring – Male to Male Combat – Mating Ritual – Hybrids – Oviposition – First Predators – Summer – Development of the Eggs – Fluid Requirements – Autumn – Hatching – Post-Hatching – Predators – Dispersal of Juveniles – Winter – Light, Warmth and UV Radiation – Habitat Climate Illustrated – Fire – Regeneration – Humped Growth – Relocating and Releasing – and The Tick Phenomenon.          

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