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Moult and Ageing of European Passerines

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JENNI, L., WINKLER, R.: Moult and Ageing of European Passerines

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2. komplett überarbeitet und erweiterte Auflage London 2020, geb., 323 Seiten, über 600 Farbfotos. The legendary Moult and Ageing of European Passerines returns in a completely revised second edition. Next to updates and improvements, 16 new species records have been added for a total of 74. This is the must-have reference for bird ringers and ornithologists, and a sublime book for readers interested in feathers. A brand-new, completely revised second edition of Jenni and Winkler's classic guide, updated and improved for the next generation of ringers and professional ornithologists. The moult strategies of birds exert an important influence on their behaviour and energetics, and also provide the basis of valuable tools for study. A proper understanding of how feathers are replaced and the precise differences in the appearance of the various feather generations can allow ringers, scientists and keen birdwatchers to age individual birds, and to distinguish between first-year and adult birds. Understanding the moult strategy of a species also provides insights into its general and migration ecology, and allows detailed studies of many aspects of its population dynamics.

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