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A Guide to Asiatic Parrots - Their Mutations, Care and Breeding

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SMITH, S., SMITH, J. A Guide to Asiatic Parrots - Their Mutations, Care and Breeding

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aktualisierte Auflage Burleigh 1997, kt., 88 Seiten, 70 Farbabb. von Tieren und Morphen, aus dem Inhalt General Management of Asiatic Parrots, Acquiring Stock, Handling of Parrots, Carry Box, Housing of Asiatic Parrots -Aviary & Cage set-ups, 'New Wire' Disease, Nesting Logs and Nestboxes, Feeding, Seed Diet, Essential Foods, Fruit and Vegetable Supplements, Breeding Asiatic Parrots, Keeping Records, Ringing, Stock Management, Pairing and Mating, Handraising Asiatic Parrots, Handrearing Formula, Feeding Time, Surgical Sexing, Health and Diseases of Asiatic Species, Worming Dose Rates, How To Get The Best Out of Your Avian Veterinarian. Das Buch behandelt die folgenden Arten Indian Ringnecked Parrot (mit Morphen), Alexandrine Parrot, Plum-headed Parrot, Derbyan Parrot, Malabar Parrot, Slaty-headed Parrot, Moustache Parrot, Malayan Long-tailed Parrot, Blossom-headed Parrot.

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