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Proceedings of the 7th Symposium on the Pathology and Medicine of Reptiles and Amphibians 2004 Berlin

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SEYBOLD, J., MUTSCHMANN, F.: Proceedings of the 7th Symposium on the Pathology and Medicine of Reptiles and Amphibians 2004 Berlin

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Frankfurter Beiträge zur Naturkunde Band 29

Frankfurt 2007, geb. 375 S., mehr als 140 farbige Abbildungen sowie zahlriche SW-Abbildungen und Tabellen, Mit den Beiträgen - A.A. Aguirre - Fibropapillomatosis of Sea Turtles - An Etiological Perspective, S. Blahak, C. Tornede - Comparison of 35 Herpesvirus Strains from 6 Different Species of Tortoises - Extended Abstract, R.E. Marschang, P. Becher - Iridovirus Infections in Reptiles, S. Essbauer, F. Just, F. Mutschmann - Iridoviruses of Amphibia, F.C. Origgi - Identification of the Antigen Presenting Cell (APC) Receptor CD74 of Mediterranean Tortoises (Testudo graeca, T. hermanni, T. marginata) and of Gopherus agassizii - Can we use it as a Diagnostic Tool?, S. Schragen, U. Hetzel, R. Marschang, R. Michling, C. Hermosilla, A.König, M. Reinacher - Experimental Infection of 10 Boa constrictors with an Orthoreovirus, M. Kik, R.T. van Zon, F.J.A.M. van Asten - Retrospective Studies on Ophidian Paramyxovirus Infection in Snakes in The Netherlands Using the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Preliminary Results, F. Pasmans, F. Haesebrouck - Salmonella in Reptiles, A. Hassl, C. Armbruster, T. Filip - A Mycobacterial Infection in a Reptilian Pet and The Pet Keeper -ACause of Zoonosis?, P. Zwart, D. Vanrompay - Chlamydophila Infection in Small, European, Viperid Snakes, J. Straub - Pasteurella testudines - A (Primary) Pathogen Organism in Tortoises?, S. Blahak, D.R. Brown, I.M. Schumacher - Mycoplasma agassizii in Tortoises in Europe, J.L. Jarchow - A Treatment Protocol for Upper Respiratory Tract Disease of Desert Tortoises, Gopherus agassizii, T.K. Graczyk - Cryptosporidiosis in Reptiles, N.J. Brotóns, A. Estrada-Pena - Survival of Tick Colonies on Captive Imported Reptiles in Spain, N.J. Brótons, F.L. Frye - Subepidermal Carapacial Acariasis in an African Spurred Tortoise, Geochelone sulcata, D. Modrý, M. Sloboda - Control of Coccidiosis in Chameleons Using Toltrazuril - Results of an Experimental Trial, D. Modrý - Coccidia and Coccidiosis of Reptiles - Diversity, Biology, Phylogeny, Pathogenicity and Control, M. Bielli - Ivermectin to Control Filariasis in Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis), ACase Report, J. Kopecná, D. Modrý - Molecular Phylogeny of Some "Eimeriid" Coccidia fromPoikilotherms, N. Pantchev, M.G. Vrhovec, C. Norden - Recent Investigations on Endoparasites in Reptiles, M. Jirku, D. Modrý, I. Fiala - Renal Infection with Leptotheca ranae Morelle 1929 (Myxosporea,Ceratomyxidae) in Grass Frogs Rana dalmatina and Rana temporaria (Amphibia, Ranidae) - Rediscovery After Morethan 70Years, P. Jiroký, M. Kamler, D. Modrý - Hemolivia mauritanica (Sergent et Sergent, 1904), in European Tortoises Testudo graeca Linnaeus, 1758 and Testudo marginata Schoepff, 1792, F. Mutschmann - A Caudomyxum Species (Myxosporidia - Chloromyxidae) from TheGall Bladder of Surinam Toads (Pipa pipa), (Anura - Pipidae) - Poster, C. Carey - Chytridiomycosis as a Cause of World-wide Amphibian Population Declines, A. Oevermann, B. Schildger, S.H. Feldman, N. Robert - Chytridiomycosis in a Tomato Frog Colony (Dyscophus antongilii) - Clinical Symptoms, Pathology and Treatment, F. Mutschmann - Chytridiomycosis in Germany - An Overview (Abstract), W. Schwaeble - Organisation of The Vertebrate Systems of Innate and Aquired Immunity - An Overviewincluding Agnatha, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles and Mammals, W. Sachsse - Malformations in Reptiles and Amphibians, P. Kölle, E. Kienzle - Reptilian Eggs - First Steps Towards Factorial Calculation of Calcium Requirements, S. Kubalek - Investigations on Blood Coagulation in The Green Iguana (Iguana iguana) - [Extracts from the Doctorate Dissertation of The Same Title from 2000], J. Raila, A. Schuhmacher, J. Gropp, F.J. Schweigert - Selective Absorption of Carotenoids in Green Iguanas, P. Hájková, P. Jiroký, M. Kamler, D. Modrý - Morphology of Blood Cells from wild Hermann's Tortoises (Testudohermanni) from Southern Bulgaria, K.A. Mathes, E.R. Jacobson, S. Blahak, D.R. Brown, I.M. Schumacher, B. Fertard - Mycoplasma and Herpesvirus Detection in Mediterranean Terrestrial Tortoises in France and Morocco, D. Vasiliev - Parasitofauna of the Rare New Guinean Python, Morelia boeleni, andVeterinarian Aspects of the Problem, J. Straub - Influence of Hibernation on Quality and Quantity of The Aerobic Bacterial Flora in Tortoises, N. Schneeweiß - Injuries and Anomalies of European Pond Turtles (Emys orbicularis) in Northeast-Germany (Poster), C.S. Arias Segura - Amphibian Extinction in Peru, The Batrachophrynus macrostomus (Peters, 1873) Case, I. Di Rosa, A. Fagotti, F. Simoncelli, S. Tei, D. Vagnetti, R. Pascolini - Health Status of Rana esculenta Complex Populations in Central Italy, M. Gumpenberger - Comparative Radiographic and Sonographic Imaging of The Urogenital Tract in Chelonians, M. Gumpenberger - Diagnostic Imaging of Dyspnoic Chelonians, Z. Knotek, V. Mach, V. Jekl, Z. Knotková - MRI in Diagnosis of Swollen Eyes Syndrome in a Green Iguana, K.A. Mathes, M. Fehr - The Use of Modern Imaging Techniques in Reptile Practice, D. Gelli, A. Mollo, D. Petrini, S. Romagnoli - Ultrasound Guided Cyctocenthesis in a Testudo hermanni WithSpinalTrauma, A. Sanz Villar, I. Cruz - Medetomidine-Ketamine or Propofol and Sevoflurane for Short Term Surgical Anaesthesia of Chelonian Trachemys scripta elegans. A Comparative Study, B. Schildger, W. Häfeli, S. Herzberger, H. Triet - Ultrasonographic and Endoscopic Anatomy of The Colorado River Toad (Bufo alvarius), H.W. Stief - MRI in Reptiles & MRI in Boid Snakes, M. Baur, R.W. Hoffmann, E. Kienzle - Hyperplasia of Harderian Glands in Alligator mississippiensis - Aetiology, Clinic, Therapy, P. Ruch, S. Klomburg - Aus dem Zoo Osnabrück (Direktor Dr. W. Everts), Causes of Death in Three Nile Monitors (Varanus niloticus) in The Osnabrück Zoo, J. Seybold - Hip Luxation in a Radiated Tortoise (Asterochelys radiata), R.W. Hoffmann, M. Baur, H. Meiser - Cumarine Intoxication in Two Snapping Turtles Chelydra s. serpentina - Clinical Course, Pathology and Toxicology, M. Baur, R.W. Hoffmann, E. Spengler-Wieber - Possibilities and Anatomical Basis for the Digital Examination of Turtles via the Cloaca and Urinary Bladder, Z. Knotek, S. Mazánek, M. Hovorka, Z. Knotková, S. Pejrilová, V. Jekl - Intensive Treatment of Ulcerative Shell Necrosis in Bornean RiverTurtles Orlitia borneensis, F. Pasmans, A. Martel, M. van Heerden, L. Devriese, A. Decostere, F.Haesebrouck - Dermatitis and Septicaemia in a Captive Population of Agama impalearis Caused by Unknown Actinobacteria, P. Zwart,I. van der Gaag - Atrophic Gastritis in Reptiles, H. Behncke, K. Heckers - Hemangiosarcoma in a Hispaniolan-Curly-Tailed-Lizard (Leiocephalus schreibersii, Cope 1866) - Diagnosis and Pathogenesis of a Rare Tumor in a Small Iguanid, M. Cabrero, A. Riera, M. Laporta, D. Borràs - Retromandibular Mast Cell Tumor in an Eastern Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getulus getulus), T. Eisenberg, A. König, R. Weiss, R. Fox, U. Hetzel - Fatal Outcome of a Fusarium solani Infection in a Group ofMississippi Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis), F. Mutschmann, N. Schneeweiss - A Case of a Systemic Phaeohyphomycosis (Chromomycosis) in a Juvenile European Pond Turtle (Emys orbicularis) - Poster.

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