The Bats of Pakistan – The Least Known Creatures

The Bats of Pakistan – The Least Known Creatures
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2009, kt., 176 Seiten, Abb. This
review book comprising of twelve chapters provides information on the taxonomy,
biology and ecology of all the bat species of Pakistan. The first chapter is
about the geography and describes different types of habitats available to bats
in the country. The second chapter describes the diversity of bat species
compares it with other bio- geographic regions of the world. It also
encompasses the possible threats to bats in Pakistan. The various types of
echolocation calls emitted by the bats are also described at the end of this
chapter. An illustrated identification key of bats is given in the third
chapter. All the 52 bat species of Pakistan are discussed individually with an
emphasis on their taxonomy, distribution, food, morphology, reproduction and
echolocation calls. In addition, this book has distribution maps for all the
bat species and 78 coloured plates including the sonagrams of some bats. The
book aims to help future bat biologist of the country. It will also be of
interest to bat biologist worldwide as bats of Pakistan belong to three
zoogeographic regions of the world

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