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Tarantulas of the world – Theraphosidae

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TEYSSIÉ, F.: Tarantulas of the world – Theraphosidae

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Verrières-le-Buisson 2015, geb., 500 Seiten, 600 Farbabb. „This book on tarantulas describes and illustrates almost 300 species of tarantulas of th Theraphosidae family by biogeographical zone. The descriptions enable non-specialists to identify each species, and provides additional information on lifestyle, habitat and distribution. Theraphosidae systematics are presented in the form of an identification key for subfamilies and a description of particularly note-worthy genera. An exhaustive list of currently known species is also presented by subfamily and by country. This book also covers Theraphosidae biology :  anatomy, primary biological functions, ecology, venomology and pharmacological research in addition it also contains advice on breeding and rearing Theraphosidae

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