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The Rise of Reptiles

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SUES, H.-D. The Rise of Reptiles

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Baltimore 2019, geb., SU, Großformat, 385 Seiten, 236 Farbfotos und farb. Abb., 120 s/w Illustrationen. Over 300 million years ago, an early land vertebrate developed an egg that contained the embryo in an amnion, allowing it to be deposited on land. This moment marked the first step in the fascinating and complex evolutionary journey of the reptiles. This book explores the diversity of reptilian lineages, discussing the relationships among turtles, crocodilians, lizards and snakes, and many extinct groups. Reflecting the tremendous advances in the study of reptilian diversity and phylogeny over recent decades, this is the first detailed, contemporary synthesis of the evolutionary history of these remarkable animals. Reptiles have always confused taxonomists, who have endlessly debated and rewritten their classifications. Here, Sues adopts an explicitly phylogenetic framework to sift through the evidence and discuss the origin and diversification of Reptilia in a way no one has before. He also examines the genealogical link between dinosaurs and birds and sheds new light on the Age of Reptiles, a period that saw the rise and fall of most dinosaurs.       

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