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WILKEY, R.: Venomous Snakes of Malawi – An identificaton guide for the 20 species of snakes considered venomous to humans in Malawi

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King's Lynn 2019, kt., 175 Seiten, 23 Farbfotos, über 100 Zeichnungen. Jede Art mit Karte. Alle bekannten Informationen zur Behandlung von Bissunfällen mit den jeweiligen Arten. "Malawi has its fair share of snakes and more often than not they come into contact with people. Although 69% of the snakes found in Malawi are harmless, the majority of the venomous species usually cause a fatal bite due to lack of prompt medical attention. Often the snake is not identified and the doctor is left with the unenviable task of making a guess. Venomous Snakes of Malawi details the 20 species of snake considered venomous to humans and provides quick identification, bite symptoms and treatment in an easy to use guide. The hope of this book is to aid in the correct identification and the administration of the correct treatment, thus increasing the chance of survival for the victim."

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