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Freshwater Fishes of China in Coloured Illustrations Volume 2

K ZHU: Freshwater Fishes of China in Coloured Illustrations Volume 2

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Shanghai 1988, geb., SU, Querformat, 184 Seiten, 214 Farbfotos. In Chinesisch mit lat. Namen und engl. Vorwort. The main contents of the second volumes are the fishes from the Zhujiang river (pearl river) system, including some endemic species from Fujian province,Yuannan province and Hainan Island. Them mirror the features of the fresh water fish-fauna of the South China subregion on the whole. This region is situated in the tropical-subtropical region and the Tropic of Cancer runs across its central section. The weather is warm and humid, and in most part of this area is no frost throughout the year. There is a scarcity of natural lakes in this region except the Yunnan Plateau. Most rivers run through hilly land and take meandering course, with limpid and rapid current. Therefore, the proportion of the warm-water fishes adapted to rapid stream such as Barbinae, Labioninae of Cyprinidae, Homalopteridae, and Sisoridae is Quite large in the composition of the fish-fauna. Moreover, the river system is distributed over tropical Karst region, where numerous ridges, peaks, caverns and subterranean streams are developed. Its complex environment resulted in the rise of many endemic species. Consequently the fish-fauna is more diverse and plentiful in this region. In addition, we also select some endemic fishes from the Hengduan Mountain Range in Northwest of Yunnan and west Shchuan. This mountain range is the eastern border of the Qinghai-Xizang(Chinghai-Tibetan) plateau and its environmental condition are rigorous, with harsh climate. Schizothothoracine and neomachiline fishes constitute the main component of the fish-fauna in this region. These species are included in this volume as an epitome of fish-fauna of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau. 179 species belonging to 28 families are compiled in this volume.

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